by Callum Baptie

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Regression, the return to what we were:
The first full original release from Callum Baptie in 3 years, back into dark, Gothic rock sounds as seen in early work.
Despite this it is an acoustic album, focused on a very intimate, immersive sound.


released March 28, 2017

Special Thanks to David Durie for being my musical adviser on this album and Rachel Fulton for the creation of the Cover and Concept Art.




Callum Baptie Edinburgh, UK

Singer-Songwriter Guitarist from Scotland.

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Track Name: Medicated
Chase out the demon inside,
know that this feeling won't leave me.
please forgive me but I can't help the way that I'm falling.

Keep me high, high, high.
Leave all my troubles behind me.
High, high, high.
cut loose the chains that will bind me.

Fear of the feeling inside,
bleed all my colours to grey.
Always remember that I tried to be more than this mourning. \

(I'm Falling)
[Don't let me fall away]
Track Name: Jimmy Said...
Jimmy said there's a hole in his head where the rain gets in, ain't it sad.
He got the kinda mouth that looks pretty bad without a cigarette.
His daughter doesn't call, his mother's grown old and he ain't been laid since '88.
He's got a TV set to remind him that he's not dead.

We're all mad here,
There's no need to fear,
It may come as a surprise the madness in your own eyes,
We're all mad here.

Jimmy said there's a girl next door knows they're onto her.
They know what she did.
She's got a tinfoil hat so the man upstairs can't read her head.
She can't say what she's done, but she sleeps with a gun and her eyes ain't shut in 80 days.
She knows one day that they'll find her.
Or so she says.

Jimmy said there's a hospital bed that's got my name on it.
Like I'm the walking dead.
Says he's seen it before and he'll see it again about a thousand times.
He said live while you're young, while you're able have some fun and don't get caught up on the little things.
Instead of living my life like a blind man.
That's what he said.
Track Name: Angels Weep
A perfect rose,
Held in dirty hands,
One far too clumsy,
with no thoughts or plans.

I know it's all that you wanted,
But you deserve more.
I know it's all that you wanted,
But I'd give you more.

Because Angels weep,
When you're near.
Oh, Angels weep,
Can you hear?
Track Name: Hangin' up my Guns
Do you know what you're fighting for?
When your life becomes a war and you can't go back to where you were before.
Is it worth dying for?
When you're lying in the dirt and there's nothing left of who you were before?

These eyes, have seen the sights of this cruel world.
Twisted, bitter to the core and I don't think that I can take much more.
My mind can't take the thought of this cruel world,
That's faded down to so many shades of grey.

Mama, I'm hangin' up my guns
These last few years the fight's been getting harder.
Mama I'm hangin' up my guns,
Because if I keep on fighting,
Don't think that I'll be coming home again.

I wanna go home.

I keep om fighting....
Track Name: Judgement Day.
Track Name: Crying Eyes
This life means nothing to me.
These crying eyes are just a mirror for the moon.
The stars above they don't shine for me at all.